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Get Smart with AIOps for Next-Generation Firewalls: A Guide to Strengthening Security and Avoiding Network Disruptions with Machine Learning-Driven Insights

Today’s hybrid network architectures are complex, with applications and data spread across multiple public and private clouds and users dispersed to remote locations such as branches and home offices. As a result, the security perimeter has effectively disappeared, requiring network architects to embed security throughout the network using multiple firewalls and zero trust principles. Security teams struggle to optimize these complex and dynamic architectures, which can degrade the organization’s security posture and cause network slowdowns and even outages.Existing solutions don’t always provide the insights that security teams need to respond proactively. As a result, they’re always playing catch up, reacting to the latest unknown threat, phishing technique, or exfiltration exploit. When the inevitable network outage occurs, security teams spend considerable time looking for the root cause while under intense pressure to bring the business back online.The bottom line is, network security operations today are laborious and reactive. Read the ebook to learn how artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOPs, can help security teams move from reactive troubleshooting to proactive network management that prevents firewall disruptions and maximizes ROI.