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AI and automation: The future of SecOps.

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Defeating ransomware requires advanced, proactive AI-powered security, automated across your network and endpoints.

Traditional network and endpoint security simply haven’t kept up with rapidly evolving threats. Relying on outdated antivirus signatures won’t help you block new and evasive ransomware.

Attackers today leverage sophisticated evasion techniques like running in memory and loading malware from virtual machines to bypass endpoint defenses.

Ryuk, WastedLocker, REvil and other ransomware use targeted attack techniques and worm-like capabilities to swiftly infect hosts. You must block every step of an attack, from delivery to hard-to-detect lateral movement, and then quickly restore compromised hosts if needed.

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2022 Unit 42® Ransomware Threat Report

Find out how to identify top ransomware threats, which industries are targeted and what the future of ransomware holds.

How We Can Help You

Our approach to ransomware protection


Defeat ransomware with machine learning

To stay ahead of fast-moving threats, you need AI-powered security that shuts down unknown threats before they can cause harm. Inline analysis stops exploits that lead to infection, and always-up-to-date machine learning models monitor behavior to pre-emptively stop unknown and zero-day threats, including ransomware.
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Cortex XSOAR




Stop threats instantly in all locations

Targeted attacks never stop at one attempt or entry point. Endpoint prevention must be automatically and instantly coordinated with network security, malware analysis and threat management solutions to ensure you remain protected. This closes security gaps, stops dangerous variants, shuts down lateral movement and ends proliferation.
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Cortex XSOAR




Call in the special forces

When attackers strike, security teams must act quickly and efficiently. Automated playbooks ensure mitigation steps are taken, buying time to coordinate a response. When needed, our incident response teams deploy faster, hunt smarter, investigate deeper and contain completely, so you can limit your damages and get back to business.

Our Products

Protect your assets from ransomware

Cortex Xpanse

Find exposures before they become attack vectors

  • Discover exposed remote access ports

  • Find unknown assets and risks

  • Continuously monitor your attack surface

  • Feed data to your SOAR


Prevent ransomware with industry-best NGAV

  • AI-driven local analysis to stop zero-day threats

  • Comprehensive exploit prevention

  • Anti-ransomware protection for behavioral analysis

  • Device control, disk encryption and firewall

  • Holistic endpoint, network and cloud protection

  • Simplified operations with cloud deployment

Cortex XSOAR

Post-intrusion ransomware investigation

  • Automated user data enrichment

  • Automated host data enrichment

  • Indicator extraction and blocking

  • Automated user and endpoint isolation

  • Guidance on additional remediation

Unit 42

Expert incident response

  • Rapid deployment

  • Deep investigations

  • Complete containment

  • Recovery plan development

  • Minimized cost and downtime


Eliminate risk from highly evasive malware

  • Inline machine learning

  • Real-time protections

  • Unknown threat prevention

  • Instant intelligence sharing

  • Dwell time elimination

Next-Generation Firewall

Eliminate risk from highly evasive malware

  • Inline-ML threat prevention

  • Advanced threat blocking

  • Automated network security

  • Flexible deployment options