Accelerate 5G Transformation with 5G-native Security

We’ve got you from Zero Trust to 5G.

Accelerate 5G Transformation with 5G-native Security

We’ve got you with enterprise-grade 5G security.

5G Security Protects User Traffic — Including Layer 7

View and protect all user plane traffic with Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFW for 5G.

5G can only transform business when it's secure

  • Gain full visibility and control

    Mobile identifier-based security policies for dynamic security enforcement per mobile user, device, network slice or application.

  • Stop advanced attacks

    Prevent known and unknown threats inline, with robust detection for today’s most evasive and targeted attacks.

  • Accelerate incident response

    Identify infected devices in real time with AI/ML-powered automation for accelerated investigation and response.

Enterprise Works on Enterprise-Grade 5G Security

Palo Alto Networks 5G-Native Security securely connects your clouds, data centers, devices, and the Internet of Things.

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Service Provider Use Cases

  • Safeguard distributed 5G infrastructure

    Protect each component of your 5G network.
    RAN Security | Roaming Security | Internet Security
  • Get cloud-native security built for a 5G world

    Only cloud-native security can protect 5G with no gaps or blind spots.
    Telco Cloud Security | 5G Cloud-Native Workload Protection | Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Create new 5G services quickly and securely

    Launch new services that scale to your customers’ needs.
    Network Slice Security | IoT Security | Private 5G | MEC Security

Enterprise Use Cases

  • Secure private 5G adoption seamlessly

    Safeguard business-critical data and applications carried on 5G.
    Cellular IoT Security | Private 4G/5G Security
  • Tap edge cloud architectures confidently

    Secure multi-access edge computing, private networks and network slices, while boosting your overall cybersecurity posture.
    SBA Security | MEC Security | Private 4G/5G Security | Network Slice Security
  • Get ahead of 5G IoT/OT threats.

    Industrial operations need proactive 5G security to stop cyberattacks in real time.
    Industrial OT Security | Cloud Security Posture Management
    Get ahead of 5G IoT/OT threats.
Get ahead of 5G IoT/OT threats.

5G-Native Security Solutions

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