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Seize every
With the only SASE
solution that secures
both managed and
unmanaged devices.

Prisma Access Browser

Any user. Any device.
Any application.
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The Dark Secret
of Enterprise Security

Your web apps and data are being accessed from unsecured devices,
leaving a gaping hole in your security for attackers.

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Secure Workspace: Any user.
Any device. Any app.

Embrace the only SASE solution that secures both managed and unmanaged devices.

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  • Be Agile: Extend Zero Trust to any device in minutes.

    Safely access SaaS and private apps from any device. This natively integrated browser is designed for instant familiarity and benefit in your daily workflow.

  • Be Confident: Stop AI threats in real time.

    Harness the only AI-powered SASE capable of stopping 1.5 million new and unique attacks every day.

  • Be Efficient: Manage all devices from one pane of glass.

    Unify visibility across managed and unmanaged devices for comprehensive oversight.


Key Features

Address the security demands of modern organizations and the hybrid workforce. Provide IT and security teams with comprehensive visibility and control over web applications and user actions. Foster digital transformation and enhanced productivity – all without compromising security.

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security workspace dashboard
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strata cloud manager dashboard

ZTNA 2.0

Safely access all apps with Zero Trust principles.

  • Ensure every device connecting to corporate resources meets minimum security requirements. Automate device posture checks every 90 seconds.
  • Authenticate user access with granular, identity-based access control.
  • Minimize threat exposure by leveraging continuous trust verification and security inspection.
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Empower your workforce with best-in-class security.

  • Reduce the risk of credential theft of passwords, cookies and tokens with advanced encryption.
  • Deploy anti-tampering protections against attacks on the browser runtime. Plus, defend against malware such as key loggers, screen scrapers and certificate manipulation.
  • Protect against malicious and untrustworthy extensions and disable vulnerable browser components.
browser based dlp dashboard


Gain last mile control of your data.

  • Mask sensitive data dynamically based on content and context, ensuring confidential information remains protected.
  • Control file upload/download, copy/paste, printing and screenshots.
  • Create highly granular policies based on user, device posture, location, time or network.

We provide security for modern work environments

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