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Assess Your Organization's Security Posture

Your security risk is constantly changing with new vulnerabilities being discovered daily and threat actors continually evolving their attack techniques. What’s more, business changes are expanding your attack surface and stretching your resources thin.

As a result, you’re jumping from incident to incident, getting stuck in a reactive vortex. You rarely have the chance to be proactive and evolve your security strategy for the next threat.

A key component of a successful strategy is assessing and testing your security controls to determine how ready your organization is to deal with new and evolving threats. But where do you begin?

The Unit 42 e-book, “Assess Your Security Posture,” explains how a threat-informed approach to assessing and testing your security posture will strengthen your ability to respond to attacks.

After reading this e-book, you’ll understand:

  • The benefits of conducting simulations to assess and test security controls.
  • The importance of gaining visibility into hidden risks to improve your defenses.
  • How a Ransomware Readiness Assessment can help manage your risk of ransomware threats.

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes. Take control of your security strategy before an incident does. Read the e-book and start improving your security posture today.