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Prisma Cloud: The Industry's Only Comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform

This infographic summarizes key observations and accomplishments in cloud native technology. In 2020 alone, our 1,800 global Prisma Cloud customers successfully monitored and secured over 2.1 billion cloud assets and identified more than 8.5 billion events in their cloud environments. These milestones were enabled by our Cloud Native Security Platform, and a broad set of enhancements. In addition to new featuresthat span the entire platform, users saw targeted improvements for Cloud Security Posture Management(CSPM) across threat detection, data protectionand Infrastructure-as-Code(IaC) security. There were also a number of releases to expand Cloud Workload Protection(CWPP), including enriched securityfor hosts, containers and serverless functions as well as web application and API security(WAAS). Download the infographic for a complete snapshot view.