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Use Case

Optimized Guest Wi-Fi at Bank Branch Offices

Customers have come to expect guest Wi-Fi services in public venues and establishments where they shop, dine, and visit. For businesses this has become a means to connect with their customers. The same is true for retail banks - many of which have embarked on evolving their branches into more open and comfortable spaces for customers. Guest Wi-FI is a key part of that environment. 

To meet the customer expectations for guest Wi-Fi, many banks simply backhaul this traffic to the corporate data before sending it off the internet. This is done to minimize costs, leverage existing internet facilities and security infrastructure in the data center, and deploy quickly. However, this approach increases response times for guest Wi-Fi traffic and consumes branch network bandwidth, which may negatively impact the performance of corporate applications. 

Palo Alto Networks offers another approach that optimizes the guest Wi-FI experience through a local broadband internet connection, and incorporates enterprise-grade security capabilities delivered via the cloud through Prisms Access. 

Read the use case to learn how and why a large N.A. retail bank adopted this approach and the benefits they realized.