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Guide: Container Security for Dummies

Over the years, developers have grown tired of dealing with OS and application dependencies. Containers address this issue but introduce a new set of security challenges.  As an array of container security point products appear on the market, solutions that address container security separately from cloud security are missing the bigger picture and fail to accurately report on risks. For example, an alert about a CVE in your containers that doesn’t correlate any information about the configuration of the cloud services where that container is hosted may trigger a high-priority alert when the alert could be low priority, in context.  

As Security teams struggle to stay on top of the alerts that spray out of their various point solutions, it is essential that organization’s embrace DevSecOps and adopt a strategy that addresses container security and cloud security in an integrated fashion. In this eBook you will learn how to begin addressing container security holistically, how to start embedding security across the entire container life cycle (i.e. DevSecOps), and how to gain full stack security awareness that will allow you to reduce, prioritize and automatically filter out alerts based on holistic, cloud context.