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Security for Cloud-Native Architectures

Solving tomorrow’s cloud security issues

Modern enterprises are embracing the cloud to power their workloads and applications, reduce costs, and increase release velocity, agility and user satisfaction. DevOps pros and infrastructure leaders are taking advantage of a diverse portfolio of compute options and adopting new tools across CI/CD workflows.

It’s an exciting time in the cloud, but all these new tools, workflows and compute paradigms affect the safety and security of your enterprise. Our new e-book, Security Challenges in the Cloud, takes a deep dive into various cloud-native architectures and CI/CD workflows, focusing on how they impact your security posture.

Read it, and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • The Cloud Native Continuum, including hosts, containers, CaaS and serverless
  • Security considerations for these cloud-native technologies
  • Protecting containers and a dynamic, microservices-based infrastructure

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