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MNO's Guide to Buying a 5G-Ready Next Generation Firewall

With industries moving toward automation and hyperscale, a wide range of use cases such as massive IoT, mission-critical IoT, smart cities, smart grids, and smart factories—to name a few—are on their way to coming into reality with 5G—the single most powerful enabler of ubiquitous connectivity between users, devices, machines, and systems. In the new era of 5G, mobile network operators have the opportunity to move up the value chain and capitalize on net-new opportunities of revenue generation. The market opportunity with 5G-enabled industry 4.0 innovation is massive. However, to live up to its potential, your mobile network requires a wide variety of advanced security safeguards to safely deliver 5G-powered applications and services. As you prepare for your network transition to 5G, look for six essential capabilities in your 5G-ready next-generation firewall.