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ONLY Cortex Delivers 100% Protection and Detection in MITRE Engenuity

Innovative Endpoint Detection & Response

Detect and stop advanced attacks with the power of EDR.


Cyberattacks are becoming faster and more advanced. Worse, organizations are finding it hard to keep up while relying on old endpoint solutions.

  • Endpoints are a big target for attackers.

    Managing and securing an increasing number of distributed endpoints is a tremendous challenge for security professionals.

  • Basic endpoint protection doesn’t detect and respond to threats.

    Protection is never perfect. Organizations need to detect and stop advanced threats quickly to prevent breaches.

  • SecOps teams struggle with endless alerts and manual investigations.

    Poor visibility, too many false positives and manual tasks result in increased investigation times and missed attacks.

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Extend Your Zero Trust Strategy to Your Endpoints.

Cortex XDR for endpoint detection and response

Defeat modern attacks with future-proofed EDR.

A strong endpoint security strategy starts with best-in-class endpoint prevention, but the most sophisticated attacks need robust detection and response to stop breaches. Evolve your endpoint security with Cortex XDR and put a stop to known and unknown endpoint threats.
  • Block advanced threats with market-leading endpoint protection
  • Automatically detect stealthy attacks with machine learning and analytics
  • Reduce investigation times by 88% with root cause analysis and alert grouping
  • Advanced Endpoint protection
    Advanced endpoint protection
  • ML-powered detection
    ML-powered detection
  •  Incident management
    Incident management
  • Automated response
    Automated response
  • Easy deployment
    Easy deployment

Why Cortex XDR for endpoint detection & response

Accurately detect evasive threats.

Cortex XDR unearths stealthy attacks using analytics, allowing your team to swiftly identify threats and cut dwell times. Intelligent alert grouping and alert deduplication simplify triage while incident scoring lets you focus on threats that matter.

  • Behavioral analytics and machine learning

    Eliminate blind spots and track behavioral attributes to detect anomalies indicative of an attack.

  • Complete visibility

    Safeguard your endpoints with visibility into all endpoint settings and receive contextualized and correlated insights to stay ahead of sophisticated attacks.

  • Threat hunting

    Search proactively for attack behavior and IoCs with ease.

Accurately detect evasive threats.

Quickly investigate incidents.

Get a complete picture of an attack by viewing related alerts, key artifacts and threat intelligence in one place. Intuitive, visual tools provide full context needed for analysts to take action.

  • Incident Management

    Endless alerts are a thing of the past. Related alerts are automatically grouped into incidents to reveal the root cause, reputation and sequence of events all in one place.

  • MITRE ATT&CK mapping

    Understand the objectives and the possible threat groups behind attacks with MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques mapped directly to alerts and incidents.

  • Unified view of threats

    Receive full investigative context in a single web-based console to accelerate alert triage and investigative response.

Quickly investigate incidents.

Respond and adapt quickly to contain breaches.

Once threats are identified, containing them quickly is critical. A broad set of flexible response options arm SecOps teams with the remediation tools needed to stop the spread of malware across all endpoints.

  • Access and isolate endpoints

    Live Terminal stops the spread of infections, removes malicious files and terminates processes without disruption.

  • Eradicate all threats

    Use Search and Destroy to sweep across your endpoints in real time.

  • Remediate with ease

    With Host Restore you can simplify response with remediation suggestions and rapidly recover from an attack by restoring damaged files and registry keys.

Respond and adapt quickly to contain breaches.

Defend endpoints with a robust endpoint protection solution.

Replace antiquated antivirus with a modern approach to securing endpoints. Eliminate known and unknown malware with AI-powered security that continuously evolves to stop new attacks. Reduce the attack surface of your endpoints with a full suite of endpoint protection features.

  • NGAV, device control, disk encryption and host firewall

    Securely monitor and manage USB devices, secure endpoint data and get visibility across endpoints.

  • Behavioral threat protection

    Recognize and prevent highly evasive, complex attacks automatically.

  • AI-based malware analysis

    Eliminate zero-day malware with high performing malware analysis powered by WildFire threat intelligence.

Defend endpoints with a robust endpoint protection solution.

Simplify management and deployment

Get industry-best EDR with rapid deployment and manage endpoints across your organization with one console.

  • A single web-based console

    Streamline workflow with end policy management, detection, investigation and response all in one place.

  • Transparent deployment and upgrades

    Simple deployment and automatic updates provide a smarter defense without requiring reboots.

  • Cloud management

    Easily control all your endpoints without needing to set up on-premises log servers and management systems.

Simplify management and deployment

Cortex XDR for endpoint detection and response
Cortex XDR for endpoint detection and response

Future-proof your endpoint security

  • Stop malware with best-in-class protection.

  • Detect advanced attacks with analytics and ML.

  • Rapidly contain attacks with flexible response options.

  • Migrate seamlessly to the full power of XDR.