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Transform Your Security Strategy

You’re trying to keep up with the latest security threats, but it feels like you’re always one step behind. There is a way to get ahead of the curve. With the right context and understanding of the threat landscape, you can be equipped to make threat-informed security decisions.

By analyzing the threats most relevant to your organization, you can take steps to prevent attacks and limit the damage. This includes developing a risk-based plan, deploying the right tools and controls, and accurately measuring success.

The Unit 42 e-book, “Transform Your Security Strategy,” reveals how focusing on the core threats faced by your organization can help you refresh your approach to security and boost your resilience against attackers.

Read this e-book to understand:

  • Why a threat-informed approach facilitates better business decisions that are backed by data.
  • The benefits of building a cyber resilience roadmap while staying up to date with the evolving threat landscape.
  • How a solid incident response plan helps avoid panic during an attack.

It’s vital to develop a security strategy that is proactive, not reactive – one that is based on your specific needs and the specific threats your organization faces. Read the e-book and start transforming your strategy today.