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Secure Your IoT Investments While Keeping Business As Usual

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a significant driver of enterprise transformation. But to bring about this transformation, businesses need powerful cybersecurity that safeguards IoT investments from the threat of attacks. As reported by McKinsey, 75% of businesses say IoT security is a top priority—landing it at the top of every enterprise CISO’s security agenda. But many CIOs and CISOs have a mistaken impression about the approach needed to implement IoT security. Many believe they are required to purchase separate point solutions, build a separate and dedicated IoT security team, and radically change existing network security and security operational processes to bring it all together. At Palo Alto Networks, we have the opposite view and believe in taking a turn-key approach to IoT security—one that leverages existing talents, security infrastructure investment, and cybersecurity processes while utilizing the latest technology breakthroughs like machine learning to improve productivity, simplify processes, and take full control of IoT investments.