Cloud Native Security Built for Red Hat

Prisma® Cloud by Palo Alto Networks – an OpenShift by Red Hat Advanced Partner – offers enhanced security of your Red Hat OpenShift (RHOS) workloads with comprehensive cloud workload protection (CWP) for containers. Scan for vulnerabilities with our Red Hat Certified Technology Vulnerability Scanner while retaining full control over your data.

Securing cloud-native environments with Prisma Cloud

Gain broad visibility, detect and respond to threats, and secure data. Protect hosts, containers, Kubernetes and Docker® applications, PaaS applications, and serverless deployments. Prisma Cloud – the industry’s most comprehensive Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) – ensures consistent, comprehensive security across the entire development lifecycle, no matter the stack.
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“First rate product & service allowing a holistic approach to CI/CD security from Build, Test, Release, Deploy and Run phases”

CSIRT Manager in the Retail Industry

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“Prisma was really easy to bring on board, and their team was really helpful and energetic. We were able to quickly identify and correct weaknesses in our security posture.”

Director of Technology Operations in the Services Industry

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“Ease of integration and implementation of security policies and controls across multi-clouds. The report generated on non-compliance policy assets is very user friendly and helpful in narrowing down to assets which require remediation.”

Manager of SecOps, Services, Security and Risk Management

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