Runtime Protection is Non-Negotiable

With 53% of Organizations Facing Unauthorized Access to Cloud Workloads, Prisma Cloud offers essential runtime protection for your critical cloud assets.

Why to Add Runtime Defense

We invite you to explore the enhanced capabilities of Prisma® Cloud Workload Protection — the pinnacle of securing your hybrid or multicloud environment.
Increasing adoption of containers introduces new security challenges, with potential gaps in container security.

Cloud Workload Protection includes advanced container security features, ensuring comprehensive threat protection for your containerized applications.

With the rise in sophisticated attacks, securing web applications and APIs is more critical than ever.

Prisma includes robust WAAS features, providing comprehensive protection for web applications and APIs. Your critical applications are shielded from advanced web-based threats.

Staying ahead of sophisticated threats requires constant innovation.

Cloud Workload Protection provides real-time threat prevention and advanced malware protection, ensuring continuous and proactive defense.

Data-Driven Urgency for Runtime Protection

Revealing Insights Highlighting the Critical Demand for Robust Cloud Workload Protection

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is the average number of vulnerabilities per container.1

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of organizations have experienced one security incident related to insecure APIs in the last 12 months.2

$2.8 M

million in material breach risk reduction savings with Prisma Cloud.3

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