Suddenly, AI-Powered Threats Don’t Seem So Intelligent

Cosmos out-innovates adversaries with AI, providing faster and more accurate detection of threats to prevent patient zero.

Introducing PAN-OS 11.0 Nova

Say hello to the newest upgrade of our industry-leading PAN-OS® software. PAN-OS 11.0 Nova features innovations that stop 26% more zero-day threats, simplify network security and improve cyber hygiene.

Stop zero-day malware with zero stress

Nova helps organizations stay one step ahead of attackers by stopping 26% more zero-day malware than traditional sandboxes and detecting 60% more injection attacks, all while simplifying security architecture and providing cybersecurity best practices.

Stop more zero-day threats with Advanced WildFire and Advanced Threat Prevention

Stop more zero-day threats with Advanced WildFire and Advanced Threat Prevention

Nova introduces Advanced WildFire, which stops 26% more highly evasive zero-day malware than traditional sandboxes. Innovations in our industry-leading Advanced Threat Prevention prevent 60% more unknown injection attacks than traditional IPS solutions, keeping organizations one step ahead of attackers.

Simplify your architecture for comprehensive security

Simplify your architecture for comprehensive security

Palo Alto Networks NGFWs and Prisma Access support web proxy functionalities, allowing customers to deploy consistent network security across all users and locations, all managed centrally. Innovations to Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation cloud access security broker (CASB) find and eliminate dangerous misconfigurations in 60+ enterprise SaaS apps with comprehensive SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM).

Reduce misconfigurations that can lead to security breaches with AIOps

Reduce misconfigurations that can lead to security breaches with AIOps

Palo Alto Networks is the first firewall vendor to provide proactive best practices assessment and remediation for firewall configuration management. AIOps brings unique capabilities to the industry to help customers harness the full power and capabilities of firewall security features, statistically analyze complex policy constructs at scale and remediate security policy anomalies.


The new set of fourth-generation ML-Powered NGFWs deliver:

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