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What You’ll Learn

WHY ASM is essential in a complex digital world

HOW a strong ASM platform makes all the difference

WHO has strong capabilities according to independent GigaOm

WHAT resources you need for executive buy-in

ASM Solution Includes:

  • Independent Market Analysis
  • Use Case Studies
  • CISO Guide
  • Active Response Datasheet
  • RFP Checklist

Why Now Is the Time for ASM

Get independent ESG insights on the value that ASM brings to the challenging modern world where attack surfaces are dynamic, growing and vulnerable. Understand how an ASM platform can significantly reduce risk, streamline SecOps and ultimately lower costs.

Key Value Drivers

  • How attack surface weaknesses lead to security incidents.
  • Why it’s time for ASM automation.
  • How ASM can fit into your security budget.


Assess and Select the Best ASM Solution

Dive into the 2023 report, “KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Attack Surface Management.” The in-depth analysis reveals why independent experts at KuppingerCole rated Cortex Xpanse® an Overall, Product, Innovation and Market Leader with our Active Attack Surface Management platform.

2023 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for for Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Things to Consider When Buying an ASM Solution

Learn about core capabilities and features to look for when selecting an ASM vendor. These insights will help security teams and leaders evaluate their options and confirm which ASM platform is ideal for them.

A Peek into What’s Inside

  • What ASM technical requirements to look for.
  • An informative checklist when buying an ASM solution.
  • How ASM can be leveraged by multiple teams.
  • Risks and successes that CISOs should look for.