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Welcome to Devtopia, a reimagined classic arcade game infused with the power of Prisma Cloud. Navigate neon-lit corridors, collect byte-sized code, and outsmart bugs. But it's more than a game—it's a portal to resources that seamlessly connect security to development. When you complete the maze, you get to explore a world where Prisma Cloud secures every developer lifecycle stage with our exclusive content and resources. Forget security worries; focus on your craft. Are you ready to code your way to victory?

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Where Code and Community Connect

Where Code and Community Connect

Meet the crew

Discover the faces driving innovation and security at Devtopia! Our advocates bring diverse expertise, passion, and a shared commitment to revolutionizing the world of coding and security.

Stephen Giguere

Developer Advocate
Palo Alto Networks

Matt Johnson

Cloud Security Advocate
Palo Alto Networks

Featured Resources


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Forrester Total Economic Impact Study for Prisma Cloud


All Cloud, No Fog: How To Uncover Critical Risks In Under 2 Minutes

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