Public GenAI apps are an emerging source of risk

Data exposure risks
Security posture challenges
Employee risks and policy issues
Expanding AI attack vectors
Data exposure risks

GenAI apps can inadvertently expose sensitive company data, such as intellectual property, trade secrets, source code, financial records and customer information, leading to significant business and compliance risks.

Security posture challenges

The proliferation of GenAI apps across organizations results in a lack of visibility, making it difficult to assess, categorize and monitor usage effectively. This impacts overall security posture and risk management.

Employee risks and policy issues

The absence of clear GenAI usage policies can lead to employee-related issues, including dissatisfaction, reduced productivity and the potential for employees to circumvent bans or restrictions on GenAI app usage.

Expanding AI attack vectors

The widespread availability of public GenAI tools creates new avenues for cybercriminals to exploit, from issuing malicious prompts to accessing and misusing intellectual property, spreading malware and compromising cybersecurity defenses.

Unleashing the promise
of GenAI apps

innovationThe hurried adoption of GenAI apps along with unapproved AI usage reduce your security posture.

Requires comprehensive visibility.

AI Access Security enables the safe use of GenAI apps for employees


The most comprehensive AI security solution with full visibility into your GenAI application footprint and level of risk.


GenAI applications


GenAI-specific attributes


Unified purpose-built dashboard

The most up-to-date GenAI app dictionary with robust taxonomy that classifies and prioritizes GenAI apps to assess risk, detect anomalies and visualize insights across 60+ GenAI-specific attributes.


Simplify management with actionable insights and tailored recommendations. Configure policies, block high-risk applications, and improve risk posture with predefined security and data controls.

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Create and Enforce Granular Policies

Each of hundreds of GenAI apps has been categorized and mapped against over 60 AI-specific attributes to generate risk scores that allow quick and easy decisions on whether to allow or block at the individual app or category level.

Apply Recommended Actions

The AI Access dashboard includes recommended actions to review and enable policies, classify applications, block sensitive data and more. It helps security administrators safely and efficiently enable GenAI application usage.

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Coach Users on Desired Behavior

Reduce employee-based risk with notifications and user coaching directly from AI Access Security. Employees can understand and correct risky behavior when attempting to access unsanctioned GenAI apps or are about to violate AI usage policies.




Prevent sensitive data loss and defend against malicious responses, ensuring safe and effective AI adoption.

Data Classification

LLM-powered data classification and context-aware ML models augment traditional DLP techniques for unparalleled sensitive data discovery.

Sensitive data

Inline data detection ensures regulatory compliance and blocks sensitive text- and file-based data transfer to GenAI apps.

Total threats

Notification of security incidents to InfoSec teams with prompt identification of employees who consistently engage in risky behavior.

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