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Use Case

Enabling Branch Transformation with SD-WAN

To improve the customer experience in their branches, this retail bank needed to introduce a new set of media rich applications - including video tellers, digital signage, video walls. However, the limited bandwidth across their traditional wide area network (WAN) services would not support the additional load without impacting existing application traffic. Instead of just spending more money on MPLS bandwidth upgrades, the bank looked to broadband internet services for substantial cost savings - even at significantly higher bandwidths. To ensure proper security and application service levels at each branch, Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN was deployed in support of the internet as a WAN transport. This provided application-aware traffic engineering and load-sharing across multiple WAN transport services for optimal end user experience. Above and beyond the benefits of SD-WAN, a key consideration was the ability to deploy this across more than 5,000 sites in just a matter of months. This enabled the bank to realize the savings from MPLS replacement, limit the overall disruption to their branch network, and bring improved customer experience - all in short order.

Download this paper to read about a large NA-based retail bank’s actual deployment of Prisma SD-WAN across their 5,000+ branches.