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Palo Alto Networks takes a game-changing approach to minimizing threats across the full application lifecycle. Its Code‑to‑Cloud approach dives deep into patterns, behaviors, and anomalies across code, cloud infrastructure, and runtime.

– Steve McDowell, Principal Analyst at NAND Research

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This code to cloud approach helps security work better and support development with the right security tools, processes, and policies to mitigate risk, and then they can also respond faster when security issues are detected.

– Melinda Marks, Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group

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The cloud itself has necessitated that security teams move faster than developers, which is an impossible task […]
The only way to solve this security paradigm is to take prevention-first approach.”

– Ankur Shah, SVP of Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto

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L3V3L UP Series: Find It. Fix It. Protect it

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Cloud Security Calls for Collaboration and Consistency

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